SFTU: Endorsements for November 2022

Tenants Union Quick Guide for Voting

Supervisor Districts

  • District 4: Gordon Mar

  • District 10: Shamann Walton

Public Defender

  • Mano Raju


  • A: YES! Restore Fairness to Retiree Benefits

  • B: YES! Public Works Commission & Sanitation & Streets Commission

  • C: YES! Dept of Homelessness Oversight Commission

  • D: HELL NO! Developer Sponsored Fake Affordable Housing Ruse

  • E: YES!! Actually Affordable Housing Measure (Sup Chan)

  • F: YES! Library Preservation Fund

  • G: YES! Student Success Fund for SFUSD

  • H: YES! City Elections in Even-Numbered Years

  • I or J: No Position. Cars versus Pedestrians on JFK – Let the voters decide!

  • L: YES! Sales Tax for Transportation Projects

  • M: YES!! Tax vacant homes

  • N: No Position. Underground Parking in Golden Gate Park

  • O: YES! Parcel Tax to Keep Free City College Alive