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You’re Invited! Help Us Kick Off the Push for Homes for Families and Workers!

It’s official: Proposition E is on the ballot!

Our measure to speed up the creation of affordable housing will be before the voters on November 8. Unbelievably, the billionaires funding our opposition went to the courts to try to remove us from the ballot. They were firmly rejected because voters should be given the chance to support Prop E – the only measure to truly address our housing crisis.

Now, we’re kicking our campaign into high gear this Saturday! Sign up now to join in!

This is a critical election, and we want to be sure voters hear from us. Prop E will support 100% affordable housing and housing for our educators. And it will speed up creation of mixed-income developments that provide more affordable housing, as well as housing that's suitable for families.

Not only that – Prop E will help our economic recovery by creating good-paying union jobs. We’re supporting our workers and building housing those workers can afford.

So join us for our campaign kickoff this Saturday, September 10th at 10 AM at In Chan Kaajal Park. The billionaires opposing us may have the dollars, but they’ll never match a movement powered by teachers, firefighters, laborers and so many more!

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