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Prop E Is the ONLY Initiative on the Ballot That Will Truly Speed Production of Affordable Housing

San Francisco – The worker-led coalition supporting Prop E hosted a campaign kickoff event to mark the start of the fall field campaign.

Prop E is the only initiative on the ballot that will create the truly affordable housing our families need. It will speed up production of projects that include at least 30% affordable units (including two- and three-bedroom units) for low- and middle-income residents. And it requires those projects to use skilled and trained workers to support our working families and get construction workers back on the job building housing their families can afford.

"Workers are hurting because housing is too expensive. Prop E is supported by workers because it is the only measure on the ballot that will speed the production of affordable housing. And it will create good paying jobs. This is a win-win for San Francisco families and we urge all voters to vote YES on Prop E,” said Anand Singh, President of UNITE HERE Local 2.

Prop E has been endorsed by the San Francisco Democratic Party, San Francisco Labor Council, San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council, teachers, fire fighters, tenant advocates and many more! For more information please visit

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