We all thrive when San Francisco builds diverse communities, affordable housing...

We all thrive when San Francisco builds diverse communities, affordable housing, and equitable access to resources and opportunities. Proposition D works directly against this vision.

Proposition D is deceptive and would make housing MORE expensive. We need to build more affordable housing to address our housing crisis. Over the past eight years, San Francisco built 10,000 more market rate units than the State required, but fell tragically short on affordable units. Relying solely on market rate housing has only caused increased evictions, homelessness, and inequality.

Proposition D would make our housing crisis worse. By increasing the income qualifications for “affordable housing” it will cost MORE to rent or own “affordable” units than market rate. A one bedroom apartment costing nearly $4,000 a month would be considered “affordable housing,” whereas today's market rate is $3,095 per month.

Proposition D is a developer giveaway under the guise of “affordable housing.” Under this proposition, once developers receive project approvals, they have no requirement to actually build desperately needed affordable units. They can simply sell the land and make millions of dollars of profit.

Proposition D has no requirement to build two or three bedroom units, meaning developers won't build the housing San Francisco families desperately need. Proposition D destroys public oversight and transparency, making it more difficult for residents to be a part of the decision-making process on how their communities change and grow. You will never be able to speak at a development’s public hearing to demand real affordable housing or other community needs.

Proposition D means more expensive condos throughout San Francisco. Wealthy real estate developers and investors will profit and working families will continue to be priced out.

If you want affordable housing now, vote NO on Proposition D.

Race & Equity in all Planning Coalition

San Francisco Building Trades San Francisco Labor Council

United Educators of San Francisco

San Francisco Democratic Party

San Francisco Tenants Union

Anti-Displacement Coalition

Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO)