There are two measures on the ballot to speed up the permitting process for new housing. This benefit will reduce housing production costs, but only Prop E will provide affordability, accountability and the housing we need.

PROP E: Backed by the San Francisco Democratic Party and Workers

The ONLY measure endorsed by the Democratic Party, fire fighters, teachers and nurses

PROP E: Affordable Housing

Prop E maintains current affordability standards so new housing helps middle and low-income families

PROP E: Family Housing

Projects that want expedited approval must include the two- and three-bedroom homes our families need

PROP E: Requires Building Housing NOW

Eligible projects must break ground within 24 months of receiving their approved permits

PROP E: Transparency

Requires greater accountability so taxpayers know how our housing dollars are being spent

PROP D:  Backed by Billionaires

Pushed by billionaires who are not committed to reducing housing costs

PROP D: NO Affordable Housing

Prop D changes the definition of “affordable housing” and makes it too expensive for many families

PROP D:  NO Family Housing

No requirement for family housing

PROP D: NO Requirement to Build Housing NOW

Projects can use loopholes to delay construction–and even sell the land for profit

PROP D:  NO Transparency

Allows backroom deals to dictate future housing with no oversight